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What’s chromatherapy? Can room colors really affect my mood or health?

Interior designs using Chromatheraphy can raise your spirits, improve illness, and promote general good heath. Make your home cozy or lively with the right color and patterns!

Also called Color Therapy, chromatherapy is the use of color to promote general good health and treat certain maladies.

Color Therapy isn’t a new concept. The use of color in a therapeutic way dates back as far as ancient Egypt, but Chromatherapy as we know it today was first outlined in the 1800s by Dr. Edwin Babbitt when he published his book “Principles of Light and Color”. Later research showed that different colors actually affect the nervous system in different ways.

Here’s a basic technical explanation of how it works:  Color is a property of light, and when light falls on the photoreceptor cells of the retina, it changes to electrical impulses. These impulses trigger the release of hormones in the brain, and these hormones can be used to treat the body and mind.

Simply put, colors can make us feel and act in different ways according to the reactions they trigger in our brains.  For example, bright red is said to create an angry or anxious reaction in people, so you’re not likely to find this color in a doctor’s waiting or examination room.  On the other hand, blues and greens are more calming.  In alternative healing practices, you commonly find muted neutral tones with soft lighting to promote relaxation.

Chromatherpy for interior design. The colors you choose for your Chromatherapy décor will depend on what effect you’re looking to achieve. If you want to create a sedate effect in a room, choose cool, dull hues. Surrounding yourself with your favorite colors will tend to make you happier as well as more comfortable and productive.

Warm and dark colors create a cozy atmosphere, while contrasting colors create movement and vitality. If you vary the tones in a monochromatic color scheme, it will give the space a more interesting sense of depth and balance. However, if patterns are used incorrectly and with improper balance, they can make a room look smaller, so paint an item the same color as its surroundings if you want it to be camouflaged.

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