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Up, Up, and Away – Eye-Catching Collection Displays

b2ap3_thumbnail_Sheila-kitchen-pitchers.jpgLots of us have collections, whether they’re family heirlooms, books, or just things we’ve accumulated over the years that have sentimental value. But we don’t always have the space to display them, nor do we want them cluttering up our counters, table tops, or fireplace mantles.

Rather than tucking them away, enjoy them and the memories they bring by creating out-of-the-way display areas in just about any room of the house. Not only will they add an extra dimension to your design, you just may find you’ve added some architectural interest as well.

This wonderful pitcher collection features a fruit and vegetable theme – a natural for the kitchen. By adding a high continuous shelf to these kitchen walls, the pitchers provide additional shape and color, as well as becoming a beautiful display that can be enjoyed by everyone.


My clients wanted their cherished books and collectibles to share their living space, but they didn’t want them cluttering up tables or desks. We created a shelf and capped it with 6½” crown molding in the den/guest room, which not only allowed them to display their mementos but also added another architectural element to the room.

Collections can be most dramatic and interesting when kept together. My client’s green glassware collection was scattered all over the house, which minimized the importance of each piece. We created a lit display section above new kitchen pantries where her impressive collection becomes important and artistic.

Roosters ate up a large portion of my client’s kitchen counter tops, reducing her work space and creating clutter. As a favorite collection of hers, we made a designated space for them by adding shelves on either side of the window, where they create a whimsical and unique display. She can now enjoy them every day without sacrificing space.

So if you have collections of any kind but don't want to take up valuable surface space, look up - you may find the perfect solution right over your head.



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