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Three Keys To Good Interior Design

Good design is the absence of decorating.

I recently heard Dennis Quaid say, “Good film is the absence of acting.”  This got me thinking that the same is true of interior design: Good design is the absence of decorating.

show-house-1m-795Good interior design is as functional as it pleasing.  The furniture and furnishings just feel right, just as Mother Nature does it….natural and organically suited to the space. While each room has its own ambiance, it’s more important for the whole to be harmoniously greater than the sum of its parts.  In other words, your rooms need to work together and complement each other rather than each room appearing as a stand-alone unit.

Three things are paramount in creating good design:

1. Distribute the volume of the furnishings around the room to create balance and good rhythm.

2. Scale and proportion are achieved by using pieces that are the right size and shape for both the room and each other.

3. Use of color – whether dramatic contrast or a monochromatic design scheme – is an important part of the visual impact of any design concept.

The most successfully and thoughtfully designed rooms look like the furnishings flow together naturally; there’s no “set” or contrived feel, nor is any particular piece showcased.

In short, good interior designs are open, uncluttered spaces that work in harmony with their surroundings.

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