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Three easy steps to choosing the interior designer who’s right for you.

3 easy steps to choosing your interior designer.

There are plenty of interior designers out there, but it’s important to work with one who’s right for your budget and sense of style. Here are three simple steps to ensuring you invest in the right designer:

1. Interview. When you’re interviewing interior designers, review their portfolios or web sites to see examples of their work in the particular décor you want to use.

2. Observe. If the designer has a showroom, make sure the furniture is to your liking and that what you like fits within your budget.

3. Price. When you’re ready to hire someone, negotiate an hourly rate and set a monetary limit. If you’re willing to do the legwork, your designer can act as a consultant, which will save you a considerable amount of money.

Bottom line: Choose a designer who will make your home a reflection of you, not of your designer!

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