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Selling Your House? Real Estate Market Home Prep 101

A house is a very emotional purchase – potential buyers tend to be swayed by how the house makes them feel when they walk in and whether they can see themselves living there.

Here are a few basic tips to help you make your house “market ready” inside and out:

Indoors – Neat, Warm, Welcoming

•  Keep your house attractive. Prospective buyers can visit at any time.

•  Eliminate clutter.  Before listing your home, eliminate knick-knacks or any other items you won’t be taking with you.

•  Minimize accessories, as they can make a house appear smaller.

•  Give your interior a facelift. Clean carpeting and apply a fresh coat of paint if necessary.  It’s best if the walls have soft, soothing colors – overly dramatic or bland colors can turn buyers off.

•  Rehang pictures after painting.  There’s nothing duller than a house with bare walls.

•  Accessorize just enough to make your rooms colorful and interesting.

Outdoors – Curb Appeal

•  Keep landscaping neat and trimmed. Don’t allow bushes to cover the windows – this not only looks bad outside but it also makes your interior darker.

•  Make repairs to such things as hanging gutters or peeling paint.

•  The front door should be attractive.  It should open and close properly without sticking or squealing.

First impressions last the longest, so you want to present your home in its best possible light.  Remember, your home will never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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