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Ring in the Bling - Year Round Holiday Sparkle In Home Design

Swarovski crystal chair year round blingEveryone loves beautiful holiday decorations, but let’s face it – no one enjoys taking them all down again. It’s time consuming and a bit of a letdown.

But there’s a way to dress up your décor for the holidays and not have to take everything down afterwards.

In home décor just like in fashion, bling is the thing, and dressed-up rooms practically define the holidays. Accessorizing your room with eye-catching elements is the same as accessorizing your outfit with beautiful jewelry.

As I mentioned in my previous post, crystals are being added to chairs in place of tuft buttons as well as on fabric surfaces and wood frames as decorative accents. That’s one way to add touches of sparkle that will make your holiday shine and continue to make your home beautiful for years to come.

But you don't have to limit yourself to upholstered pieces - you can also dress up your cabinetry in a similar way – with cabinet jewelry.

Drawer pulls and knobs have goneCabinet jewelry year round kitchen bling high-style with crystals, colorful enamel, and embellished metals. If you want a lot of zing in your kitchen or bathroom, put matching or coordinated pieces on all of your doors and drawers. But if you’re only looking for touches of glamour or new focal points, you can just add these pretty pieces to more eye-catching areas like over the stove, at the sink, or over the refrigerator. You can also create a coordinated look by putting crystal knobs on back plates of brushed nickel, brass, or chrome - whatever matches the rest of your hardware.

So before your holiday guests arrive, use any or all of these simple touches to dress up your cabinetry and/or upholstered furniture so that it shines with the light of holiday spirit. And after the holidays pass, there’s no cleanup – and you can still keep the beauty of the season well into the years ahead.


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