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Part 2: Sheila Rich on NBC's George to the Rescue!

Well, the filming is done and the family has returned home! If you read my October blog post, you know I’m talking about the project for NBC’s George to the Rescue that I was honored to be part of. Last month I could only tell you the project’s challenges because I didn’t want to reveal any spoilers for viewers or the family members. But since the episode aired on October 31, I can tell you all about it now!

You can find the details of the home that was in such serious need of help here. I won’t go into all the details again, but the entire sun porch had to be removed and the yard graded away from the house to prevent constant flooding of both; then a new, functional room was added in place of the sun porch and raised to the level of the existing main floor.

We created an entrance to the new room along an outer wall with a window – that window became an open archway between rooms that can accommodate a door at some point in the future, if the family so chooses. Since the archway falls between the new room and the living room, we revitalized the living room with fresh paint and new Berber carpeting in shades of beige, both of which continue into the new room, creating flow and a more open look.

Instead of building another sun room, we decided on a year-round four season room with easy access to the yard for the dogs and the children. The plan was to give this family a space where they could all be together while each person could still spend time enjoying the things they love doing. We created a warm sitting area at one end witha round table with self-storing leavesand four chairs; this can be used for games, homework or dining. A comfortable black leather sofa, loveseat and ottoman offer an area for relaxing, conversation and reading or just gazing out the windows, which we left uncovered since the room doesn’t require privacyand has lovely views of the outdoors. We put in lots of windows to give the room an airy feel; the scenery also becomes a focal point. Pops of color in throw pillows and whimsical wall art give the room a touch of pizazz.

But there was one extra consideration – we wanted to make some special accommodations for the family’s two rescue dogs so they could share the space with everyone too. One end of the room is now a designated “doggy section”, where there are matching dog beds and each pup has its own “Bone Appetit” mat with a doggie water-cooler. Now that the property has been properly graded, the dogs can easily be let out into the yard through the new back door.

At the reveal the family was overwhelmed with the changes we made to their home. This design has made a difference to this deserving family, and it was heartwarming to be part of it.


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