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New Construction Considerations

Having a new house built is an exciting time, but it can be a confusing one as well. One reader said that the choices her builder was offering her in areas like cabinetry and flooring weren’t to her taste, and she was wondering if she should just go along with the builder’s selections and then redecorate later or if she should take the time to decide on different preferences now.

New construction almost always means getting involved in the selection process for things like cabinets, carpets, and tiling. If you’re planning to upgrade these builder-offered items, it’s best to have the upgrades put in during construction so you don’t end up ripping out new rooms in the near-distant future. This is especially true since so many others things will need to be done after you’ve moved in.

One word of advice during the selection process: don’t choose strong colors that will tie you in to a potentially dated color scheme for the long haul. Colors like dark green and burgundy may seem dramatic now, but in no time they’ll look completely outdated. Instead, go with neutral colors in major areas, then accent with the colors of your choice. Accent pieces can easily be replaced with the ebb and flow of various styles and colors, and you won’t be spending a fortune to update your look. This will also work to your benefit during resale.

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