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Location, Location, Location: The TV Dilemma

Televisions have come a long way since the days of those bulky units that protruded into the room, taking up lots of space or requiring a piece of furniture dedicated to them. Today’s flat-screen TVs are no longer intrusive and take convenience to a whole new level. But whatever the size, the same issue still remains – where’s the best place to put your television?

Bedroom-Television-Sheila-Rich-575It’s not surprising that more than 98 percent of American households own televisions (according to government statistics), and more than half of those have a television in the bedroom. Unless you have a sitting room, the best placement for your bedroom television is right across from the bed, so you don’t have to strain your neck or get into uncomfortable positions to see it. Often that would be to put it in place of a dresser mirror; you can always hang a mirror elsewhere or get a standing mirror to take the place of the dresser mirror.

If you have a fireplace in your room, mounting the television over the fireplace is ideal. That way, it becomes part of the room’s focal point without distracting from it. In a room with a nice outdoor view, the television can be placed on a wall that allows you to see both at the same time. If streaming sunlight causes a problem at a certain time of the day, add a shade or blind that can block the sun when you’re watching TV but then can be pulled up and out of the way when you want the view to shine through.

A lot of people like to catch up on the day’s news while making dinner; you don’t have to waste counter space on those little table-top televisions anymore. For my clients who enjoy some television company during meal preparation, I put a flip-up television underneath the upper kitchen cabinets. When not in use, you can simply flip the television up and out of the way, and it can be hidden behind your cabinet’s trim. You can choose from several different sizes of TVs, which can all be hooked up to cable.

Do you enjoy being outdoors in the warm spring and summer weather but want a little entertainment while you lounge in your backyard? You can install a television in your outdoor kitchen, then just swivel it to face your chair and flip it up to protect it from the weather.

There are some important things you need to think about before deciding on where to put your flat-screen television so it doesn’t end up in the wrong spot:

    • Unless you have a room that is a dedicated TV room, don’t sacrifice the design of your room for your television. Arrange your furniture first, then find the appropriate place for the television so that it’s in sync with the design concept.
    • Not every seat in the room will be perfect for TV viewing, but you won’t be turning on the television when you’re entertaining anyway, unless you’re having an occasional TV-centric party for something special like the Super Bowl or Academy Awards. Sacrificing ideal conversation groupings to make every seat optimal for TV viewing would be a mistake when the room isn’t being used for TV viewing.
    • Keep in mind that you should allow the right spacing between your seats and the television - getting the biggest TV isn’t always the best idea if your room isn’t large enough – and choose a space for the TV where it can be comfortably viewed by you and your family.

By using these suggestions as basic guidelines, you can enjoy both your television and your surroundings to their fullest.

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