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Interior Design Trends for 2014 - High Point Market Finds!

I just got back from another amazing trip to the High Point Market, and I wanted to share with you all the exciting new design trends for 2014.

  • Color is king, and the color trends we're seeing are definitely not shy!  Lots of apple green, orange, peacock, jade, and teal in mixed fabrics are being used on upholstered furniture.  But pictures speak louder than words.
  • Wood furniture is also sporting these new color trends. The new color and texturing on these pieces bring them into 2014 and beyond.
  • Classic pieces are getting sparkling updates with the addition of Swarovski crystal Elements.
  • The furniture market showed wood finish trends in driftwood, sandalwood, and reclaimed wood. Sculpted table bases add a very interesting dimension.
  • Stainless steel continues to hold its place in the new furniture lines, but one of the new trends is using lots of nail heads to create patterns on all types of pieces. This is one of the ways classic styles are being given a contemporary twist.
  • I posted lots more trendy finds on my Facebook page – tour the High Point furniture market with me there!

Hot-color-for-2014Orange is one of the hot color trends for 2014

Trendy peacock color in two fabrics update this classic wing back chairTrendy peacock color in two fabrics update this classic wing back chair

Chair-with-SwarovskiSwarovski crystal Elements add a touch of sparkleChair-with-bling-instead-of-nail-headsChairs tufted with crystals, which are also used in place of nail heads. Very pretty!

Sculpted-baseSculpted table baseTrend-setting colors and textures on wood furnishingsTrend-setting colors and textures on wood furnishings

Leather-chaiseDefinitely not your average leather chaise!Unique and liberal use of nail heads updates traditional furnishings.Unique and liberal use of nail heads updates traditional furnishings




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