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Inspiration: Great Gallery Walls

Images of symmetrical, themed, and eclectic gallery walls were supplied by the contributor and are not the work of Sheila Rich nor do they represent the work, philosophy, or style of Sheila Rich Interiors. The beach house photo at the end is the work of Sheila Rich Interiors.

Contributed by Jane Blanchard

b2ap3_thumbnail_Symmetrical-wall-gallery.jpgSYMMETRICALA gallery wall is a perfect way to display collections of things that matter to you, whether it’s art, family photos, mirrors, or other collectibles such as letters or maps. Creating a gallery wall is a great way to fill up a large or unused space with something beautiful and eye-catching.


But gallery walls can be surprisingly tricky to pull off. The first step is to decide on the look you want. There are three basic styles of gallery walls:

Symmetrical gallery walls feature similar prints in identical frames or frames of identical material. These pieces are hung evenly with identical space between them. [Image via Zillow Digs]

A themed gallery wall features collections of prints and items, or items that feature the same color palette. Use even spacing and multiples of the same frame type to pull this look off. [Image via Zillow Digs]

b2ap3_thumbnail_Eclectic-wall-gallery.jpgECLECTICThe third style is eclectic. This style incorporates a mix of items of varied texture, size, and shape placed in a freeform layout. To get started with this style, place the largest objects first, and fill in with smaller ones. [Image via Zillow Digs]

b2ap3_thumbnail_Beach-House-Kitchen-Dining-Nook-Spring-Lake-NJ.jpgSHEILA RICH

It may be helpful to lay out all your pieces on the floor, as well as create templates out of paper to tape on your wall prior to hanging anything up. Group together pieces of different scales, have fun with the layout, mix in other objects, and play with the composition to get your perfect look.

A different type of gallery, created below by Sheila Rich, shows that a gallery of similar artwork doesn't have to be clustered on one wall. The owner of this beach house collects the work of one artist, so we created small groupings in different colors and patterns throughout the house. As a collector who loves simplicity of design, she can easily display the artwork she loves while still maintaining an open, airy look. [Description: Anita Stratos]

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