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Hearts Trump Trends

What do you do if you love color and collections when trends lean toward monochromatic designs and minimalism?

You follow your heart.

Trends come and go – some you may love, others may not be your style. It’s your home, your environment, so whatever décor you choose should make you happy and comfortable.

The key to incorporating the things you love is use them so they flow with the overall design and don’t stand out like misfits. For example, if you have a particular collection that you want to display, you can create a special place for it in your new design scheme.

I recently had a client who had two dissimilar types of collections that she wanted to incorporate into her kitchen that we were remodeling: one was a collection of large decorative roosters and the other was green glass of all shapes and sizes.

In her old kitchen, these pieces were merely cluttering up her counters – this not only infringed on her work space, but it also took away the aesthetic value of each piece. Neither she nor her guests could enjoy the things so dear to her heart.

In the new design, we created shelves on either side of the window above the sink for her rooster collection; this allows them to be part of her décor without cluttering up her countertops, and she can admire them every day.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Kitchen-backsplash-sink-rooster-collection.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_Kitchen-pantry-glass-collection.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Kitchen-island.jpg

The glass collection was scattered all around the house, making each piece fade away. We created a triple pantry along a wall where a countertop had been; not only did this dramatically increase her storage space, it also created the perfect out-of-the-way lighted display area where the green glassware collection could shine. Proper placement and lighting give the pieces importance and elegant aesthetic value.

Color and texture were also very important to my client – she didn’t care for the monochromatic trend. So we focused on her favorite color, blue, and installed a stained glass backsplash accentuated with a repeating ivory pattern. The texture and color fit perfectly into my client’s idea of a dream kitchen.

No matter what your tastes or the current trends may be, the one thing to remember is to follow your heart. Good design never goes out of fashion.


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