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Entry Foyers = First Impressions

Make your entry foyer a welcoming introduction to your home.

The entry foyer is a very important area of the house, yet so often it’s completely overlooked from a decorating perspective. Whether your entry foyer is grand or small, it’s the first thing in your home that people see when they visit, and for that matter, it’s also the first thing you see when you come home. It’s a statement of what’s to come – the entry foyer is to a home what a prologue is to a book. And much like a business meeting or social event, you always want to start out on the right foot with a good impression. Therefore, your entry foyer should be a warm and welcoming reflection of your home. It should have a low-key personality of its own that works with the design concept of the rest of the house, and it has to be practical and functional as well.

Keep things looking fresh and clean. Take up worn carpeting and replace it with something like marble or wood. Because the first steps into a house are the ones that clean the shoes, put down a decorative area rug that can be easily replaced since over time it, too, will look worn from absorbing dirt and wetness. An area rug in the entry foyer will minimize the amount of dirt tracked through the rest of the home, and it can add some interest to the foyer as well. A mat outside the door can help to make those first indoor steps on a rainy or snowy day less slippery.

Don’t make it personal. I wouldn’t recommend putting personal accessories like photographs in an entry foyer. In my opinion, personal things should go in personal places. Also, be careful of placing breakable items there, because the foyer may not be large enough to handle them safely. Consider using practical and attractive accessories like a coat rack or an umbrella stand. A mirror is another good addition to the entry foyer, affording guests the opportunity to check themselves on their way in and allowing you to give yourself a quick once-over on your way out. It also gives light and adds depth to small foyers. With the right décor, your entry foyer can extend a warm greeting to all of your guests.

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