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Does privacy = heavy window treatments? Absolutely not!

Maximize natural light and outdoor views in your home while maintaining privacy with proper landscaping and minimal window treatments.

It’s not necessary to deprive yourself of nature’s beauty by using heavy window treatments for privacy. Different areas of your home can be treated in different ways to maximize light and openness where you want it while giving some rooms the privacy they require.

Bathrooms/Bedrooms. These rooms may only require privacy when they’re in use. Consider using Top-Down-Bottom-Up blinds: with these soft pleated shades, you can choose which part of the window you want to leave exposed. For example, you can let them stack at the bottom of the window and let light in only through the upper portion of the window, which will afford you privacy while still letting light in. Or you can stack them at the top of the window and raise them up from the bottom. You can also use room darkening shades or blinds in the bedroom to keep light out when you’re sleeping.

Landscaping. Consider your landscaping “outdoor window treatments” for privacy. This doesn’t mean putting shrubbery up against your home (a bad idea for several reasons). Rather, use plants as screening - strategically plant shrubs or trees several feet away from windows so that they block window views from passing cars or neighboring homes while still allowing you a full view of the outdoors. By using plants as a way of screening, you can still enjoy natural light indoors. Make sure to use landscape lighting so you also have a nice night-time view and you won’t be looking out into total darkness.

Window Treatments. Use window draperies that pull back and frame the windows when you want to let light and the view in. They can either be balanced on both sides to frame the windows or you can opt for a drape that gathers along one side of the window only - whichever suits your taste and works best in your room.

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