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Discover "Maximum Minimalism" Beauty: Hansgrohe Bath and Kitchen Design

Hansgrohe StarckorganicI was recently invited by Hansgrohe to participate in Design NY for an exclusive tour of their new bathroom and kitchen designs showroom. If you’re not familiar with Hansgrohe, they’re a trend-setting kitchen and bath concepts company with sustainable technologies that break free of age-old standards and raise the bar on design and functionality.

One of the many things that sets Hansgrohe apart is that they partner with world-renowned designers and architects whose innovative concepts all have interesting stories behind them. These concepts are then passed along to Hansgrohe engineers, who work to turn them into unique realities that stand apart from all others. These designs break free of traditional constraints and forge into uncharted, trend-setting territory.

“Maximum minimalism” is at the cornerstone of Hansgrohe’s latest designs, some of which are inspired by nature – their “waterfall” showerheads and faucets are incredible in both appearance and feel – while others are designers’ visions of extraordinary works of art that couple aesthetics with sustainable engineering. Although these eco-friendly showers use less water, each drop is aerated in such a way that the flow remains strong and splash is greatly reduced so that the water stays on the body rather than being lost on surrounding surfaces. This suits their shower rooms perfectly – no shower enclosures are needed, which not only opens up and expands the room visually, but also eliminates the difficult job of cleaning glass doors.

Hansgrohe believes each client should have the bathroom of their dreams, so their lines cover all taste ranges, from Avantgarde to Modern to Classic. You can create your own bathroom by selecting any combination of vanities, accessories, shower head types/styles, and so on to create the perfect bathroom for your home and family.

There’s no end to the possibilities, and I think you’ll find their creations and concepts as exciting as I did.

You can take your own tour of the Hansgrohe website, meet their designers, see their distinctive styles, and read about the ideas behind the designs. It’s definitely worth the visit!

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