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Corporate Design Considerations

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, at some point your office interiors will need refreshing.  A well-furnished office with proper lighting can increase productivity, foster positive attitudes among employees, and create an appealing work environment.

It’s also a great time to consider using sustainable, eco-friendly products, which can benefit the earth, your business and your bottom line in multiple ways, including increased energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality. These benefits, in turn, can result in better productivity and fewer sick days being taken by employees. You may even be able to take advantage of tax credits.

Here are a few things to consider when renovating, upgrading, or updating your office space:

    • Eco-friendly paints and carpeting reduce or eliminate off-gassing and potential health hazards.
    • Wall coverings that meet indoor air quality standards with low VOC emissions, and are moisture, mold and mildew resistant further reduce or eliminate off-gassing and associated health hazards. Some of these wall coverings have the added “green” factor of being made from recycled materials,
    • Use Cradle-to-Cradle certified carpet tiles rather than wall-to-wall carpeting so you only need to replace individual tiles in high-traffic areas rather than re-carpeting the entire space. This is both eco-friendly and cost saving.
    • Install lighting with compact fluorescent or LED bulbs to reduce energy usage; parabolic fixtures are designed to diffuse light and reduce glare.
    • Having custom indoor/outdoor floor mats made with your corporate logo? Consider non-slip entry mats made from100% Post Consumer PET Polyester reclaimed from plastic bottles. Used both inside and outside of doorways for better traction on bad weather days, this eco-friendly choice reduces the number of non-biodegradable plastic water bottles in landfills.

For larger renovation projects or new offices, there are even more options:

    • Corporate-Office-DesignInstall double-pane windows with UV filters to reduce energy usage.
    • Upgrade HVAC system to maintain temperature consistency.
    • Use GreenGuard certified workstations – these very attractive options improve air quality are made from recycled products

Consider all areas used by employees

– don’t overlook bathrooms or break rooms, which are used every day. Specifying low VOC materials and Energy Star appliances in break rooms go a long way to improving air quality, lowering operational costs, and may offer tax incentives. Making bathrooms ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant avoids unnecessary future renovations and potential problems for both employees and visitors.

To find out more about GreenGuard certified products, visit their website:

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