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Color Your Kitchen in Vintage Style

AGA Range Duck Egg Blue 1Kitchen ranges and appliances in orange, turquoise, and red? It’s not a dream – these colors and more are here and making bold statements.

I saw beautiful examples of these items when I went to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York City earlier this month. As always, there was an amazing array of the latest trends covering every aspect of interior design, but this one really stood out for me and I wanted to share it with you. 

These striking modern twists on vintage styles are a great new way to add eye-catching color to your kitchen. They work well with any style kitchen, whether traditional or contemporary. And they’re easier to care for than stainless steel.

AGA Range Cranberry Solid Doors 1Using one of these appliances in a small to medium kitchen can create a fabulous focal point. If you have a large kitchen, you have the luxury of being able to use several pieces without overwhelming the space. They are very beautiful and so much fun.

Whatever color you choose, you can incorporate that color into the overall design or let it just stand alone in the appliances. If the color is only in the appliances, the kitchen color scheme should be a neutral backdrop. Trends change and years and years of sleek stainless steel appliances are now being upstaged by brightly colored retro looking pieces.

The ranges you see pictured here (with permission) are all made by AGA Marvel, a company whose high-quality, beautiful creations can be found worldwide. Check out their website for more appliance trend-setters and photos of their appliances in kitchen settings.

AGA Range with built in 1


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