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Color Without Chaos: Add Vibrancy to Your Rooms colors but don’t want to overwhelm your home? Here’s how we solved that dilemma for one color-loving client who simply couldn’t imagine living her life surrounded by neutral walls.

As a contemporary artist, my client’s world is filled with color. But when she overdid the colors in her previous condo, none of her artwork was noticeable and the effect was chaotic.

Her new condo offered a fresh start, and we wanted to give her the colorful walls she so desired while highlighting her oversized art. But to give an outdated 1980s condo a contemporary floorplan, we had to remove walls, making rooms more open.

To keep from visually over-stimulating any area, we strategically selected the walls that would carry color. For example, we created a third multi-purpose guest room off the living room that would also serve as a den and office space. The new den/office/guest room needed to be open during the day but have a privacy option for overnight guests. The solution was to add sliding barn doors that wouldn’t take up any extra space when open and would also work with the new open, airy feel of the condo.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Colorblock-condo-living-room.jpgThis solution gave us the perfect opportunity to add color. We painted the guest room side of the new wall a bold Raspberry Pudding, which highlights the artwork on the adjoining wall and gives the room the desired bold color statement.

On the other side of the same wall, we used Purple Passion as a backdrop to enhance the owner-artist’s original artwork. The Raspberry Pudding on the guest room side of the purple wall can’t be seen from the living room, and vice versa.

The coffered ceiling we added to the living room is given additional depth with gray paint, which balances the purple wall without fighting it for attention. The gray ceiling is then echoed in the area rug and soft furnishings.

This is just one example of how to use colorblocking effectively in your home. The basic guideline is to place bold colors strategically so they enhance their own space without conflicting with another.



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