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A Room of Their Own – Kids’ Bedroom Autonomy

Every child has their own personality, interests, likes and passions. Where better for them to express those wonderful traits than in their own bedrooms?

More than just a place to sleep, a child’s bedroom is their own little world. It’s where they go to do their homework, entertain friends, and enjoy some playtime. Just like your home should be a reflection of yourself, a child’s bedroom should reflect his or her own tastes and interests.

A child’s bedroom is where autonomy begins, where individuality is encouraged, and where self-expression can be nurtured and grow.

girls tween bedroomFamilies with multiple children can honor each child’s preferences while still creating rooms that fit in with the flow of the home. One of my clients has three daughters, each with her own individual preferences. We designed their rooms so that all three worked with the overall design of the home while still making each child feel special and important.

The oldest of my client’s daughters loved everything ballet when she originally moved from her crib into a queen size bed. Now that she’s in the tween years, we replaced the ballet motif with a proportional dramatic black-and-white polka dot pattern, and whimsical fashion wall art has taken the place of more child-like art. This striking room expresses her more grown-up tastes while still keeping in sync with the sophistication of the rest of the house.

Girls feminine art BedroomFemininity and art define my client’s middle daughter, which is reflected in the pink and green tones that coordinate with the Victorian Rose carpeting she fell in love with; her own personal artwork adorns the walls. We left plenty of open wall space so this budding young artist can continue to fill her walls with her new achievements. While the room works with the overall interior design of the home, it’s also a complete reflection of this young girl’s personality.

Lavender is the favorite color of the youngest daughter, and her room was designed to embrace that passion. Layers of lilac coupled with coordinated patterns in plaids, florals, and polka dots make this her dream bedroom. Even though the room is a departure from other colors in the house, its soft elegance creates a natural flow with the adjoining spaces.

Girls-Bedroom-LavenderJust about any color or theme can be cleverly incorporated into a child’s bedroom décor so that it’s in harmony with the tone of the home. If done right, these elements can be updated with new age-appropriate designs at minimal cost and effort throughout different stages of growth. But the most important thing is to honor the child’s individuality, interests and tastes, which will make the project fun and the end result a joy.


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