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Light Up Your Life…and Your Home

b2ap3_thumbnail_Colorblock-condo-dining-room-ceiling-lighting.jpgGood lighting is crucial in any home, yet a lack of ceiling fixtures or ineffective lighting is a common complaint among homeowners. This problem can be overcome, regardless of the challenges.

Maybe you own a condo, apartment or townhouse with cement ceilings and you can’t add recessed lighting – don’t lose heart. As with almost any interior design challenge, there is a solution that will not only brighten up your home, but will also add architectural beauty and character as well.

A coffered ceiling designed to enhance the look of your living space, while adding necessary recessed lighting where it’s needed, can be the perfect answer to your low light issue. This can even be used in addition to an existing chandelier, semi-flush mount fixtures or pendant lights, as in this condo’s dining room that was transformed with the help of a specially-designed coffered ceiling.

More interest was created by painting the ceiling of the coffer gray, which enhanced the ceiling and added definition and depth.

Wall sconces are another way to add lighting and draw attention to a particular wall or display area. Sconces can create a unique ambiance or add drama, depending on how they’re used.

b2ap3 thumbnail Basement retreat sconce lighting b2ap3 thumbnail Kitchen recessed lighting b2ap3 thumbnail Hallway path finding lighting

A third option is dropped ceilings, which also allow the addition of recessed lighting. In this kitchen, dropped ceilings installed over a cement ceiling gave the homeowners the option to add as much recessed lighting as they wanted.

Pathfinding is another important feature of good lighting. Many hallways are lit by a single fixture, which can create dark spots. By adding recessed lighting down the hallway, a pathway to bathrooms and bedrooms is created, which brightens the space and increases safety.

So look at your space in a new light; you may just discover more lighting options than you thought you had!

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