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The Ostrich Queen -
The first episode of The Ostrich Queen series featured Sheila Rich. She shares some tips on choosing carpeting, how a certain coffee shop can help you keep track of international cities visited, and which celebrity house she wishes she could redesign.
The Ostrich Queen
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The Neutral Zone
The Best Years


“Sophisticated Beach House Aesthetic”Spring/Summer 2018

“Sophisticated Beach House Aesthetic”
Spring/Summer 2018

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“Pretty Practical"
April/May 2017

“Strokes of Brilliance

“Strokes of Brilliance"
June/July 2016


Autumn 2015

“Designers Favorite

“Designers Favorite"
April/May 2015

“A Fresh Face

“A Fresh Face"
April/May 2015

“Warming Up” December 2013/January 2014

“Warming Up”
December 2013/January 2014

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August/September 2013

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June 2007

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Feb/Mar 2007

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Sept/Oct 2006

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Sept/Oct 2006

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Sept 2006

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Aug/Sept 2006

"Backyard Escapes"
April/May 2006

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Feb/Mar 2006

"Rich Ideas - Right Ingredients" & "Studies In Style"
Fall 2005

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Sept 2005

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April/May 2005

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March 2005

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Jan/Feb 2005

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Sept 2004

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Spring 2004

"Fun Meets Formal"
Oct/Nov 2003

"Fun Meets Formal"
April/May 2003

"Solar Power"
Summer 2001