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The Ostrich Queen -
The first episode of The Ostrich Queen series featured Sheila Rich. She shares some tips on choosing carpeting, how a certain coffee shop can help you keep track of international cities visited, and which celebrity house she wishes she could redesign.
The Ostrich Queen
The Neutral Zone
The Best Years


“Pretty Practical

“Pretty Practical"
April/May 2017

“Strokes of Brilliance

“Strokes of Brilliance"
June/July 2016


Autumn 2015

“Designers Favorite

“Designers Favorite"
April/May 2015

“A Fresh Face

“A Fresh Face"
April/May 2015

“Warming Up” December 2013/January 2014

“Warming Up”
December 2013/January 2014

"Changing Spaces”
August/September 2013

"Survivor Kitchen Edition"
Summer 2013

"Smart Choices"
May 2012

"Suburban Renewal"
Feb 2012

"Designing New Jersey"
May 2011

"Spaced Out"
April/May 2011

"Take Control Of Your Closets"
March 2011

"Clean & Simple"
Aug/Sept 2010

"Petite Retreat"
Oct/Nov 2009

"A Stage For Style"
April/May 2009

"Diamond in the Rough"
Dec 2007 / Jan 2008

Sept 2007

"Suited for Success"
June 2007

"Cozy Couture"
May 2007

"Eye On Design"
Feb/Mar 2007

"Fire Power"
Sept/Oct 2006

"Rich Ideas on Chromatherapy"
Sept/Oct 2006

"Closet Cast"
Sept 2006

"Blissful Bathroom"
Aug/Sept 2006

"Backyard Escapes"
April/May 2006

"The Upside of Downsizing"
Feb/Mar 2006

"Rich Ideas - Right Ingredients" & "Studies In Style"
Fall 2005

"Rich Ideas on Kitchens"
Sept 2005

"Ask the Designer"
April/May 2005

"Rich Ideas"
March 2005

"The Art of Achieving Balance"
Jan/Feb 2005

"From Ugly Duckling to Swan"
Jan 2005

"Rich Ideas"
Nov/Dec 2004

"Cool & Collected"
Nov 2004

"Rich Ideas"
Sept 2004

"You Can Have It All"
Sept 2004

"Rich Ideas"
Spring 2004

"Fun Meets Formal"
Oct/Nov 2003

"Fun Meets Formal"
April/May 2003

"Solar Power"
Summer 2001